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The company "Duo D" is a company with more than 40 years of tradition, founded in 1972 . We are among the companies that cover all segments of the tourism offer. Our facilities are located in the most attractive and most prestigious locations in Nis, which is an ideal destination for exploring the natural and cultural beauty of Southeast Serbia.

If you need an accommodation in modern hotels in Nis, as well as the excellent quality of service in hotels - you will find it in the objects of our Company "Duo D". You will also enjoy a variety of world cuisine, as well as local culinary specialties, which are prepared by the best international and domestic cooks.
Garni Hotel DuoD ***
Garni Hotel Duo D *** is located in the center of Niš, in the well-known "Kazandžijsko sokače" alley. We offer the single and double rooms as well as luxury apartments. The hotel is located close to shopping centers "Kalča" and "Forum" and the most famous Niš taverns with their famous barbecue specialties.
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Hotel DuoD*
Hotel Duo D * is a new facility built in the center of Nis , and was inaugurated in 2012. It is perfectly located in a quiet part of town near historical and cultural attractions, museums, art galleries, numerous shopping malls and so on. It is also conveniently connected with all important state and administrative institutions.
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Restaurant DuoD
Restaurant Duo D is known for its fine cuisine based on traditional Serbian meal and international gastronomic qualities. We offer a wide range of dishes and drinks that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. The restaurant has a cafe-bar and restaurant hall has a capacity of 40 guests.
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"I passed numerous hotels in the country and the world and I can say that the accommodation and services at DuoD at the top level. Bravo! Modern, clean, unobtrusive service, easy - to enjoy a stay at your hotel. I will come again!" Milan Jakšić, Novi Sad